The Breakfast of Champions: Chorizo and Egg Burritos.

I have this condition.

My ovaries didn’t like to work properly. So poorly in fact that at the tender age of 22, I had to lose one. Four years later, I’m stuck with one that can’t decide if it wants to work or not. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it feels like it’s triple its size and about to burst. Don’t even get me started on when I ovulate. I doubt I do every month, but when it happens, I want to die. I can’t walk, I can’t sit, and I can’t stand. But the healthiness of my ovary is directly related to my diet. When I eat processed food, my ovary punishes me. But when I eat eggs (you read right), all is well.

In fact, when I ate eggs every morning for an entire month, two four centimeter cysts on my ovary reduced themselves to two centimeters.

Dude, it’s science.

Every morning after my walk, I try to cook breakfast. So today I share with you one of the many egg recipes I use for my morning breakfast. My favorites are egg & sausage burritos, scrambled eggs & broccoli, and the recipe featured today, chorizo & egg burritos.


Although my mother made us a lot of Mexican food for us (she’s Puerto Rican), and I’m almost positive she cooked it for us, I always remembered my dad making it. He didn’t give us a lesson on how to do it, but to be fair, it’s pretty darn simple. You don’t have to be Mexican to cook it or eat it.


The chorizo we use doesn’t come in a casing, just a plastic wrapper. If I’m just cooking for myself, I use four eggs, and a third of the chorizo. I’ll have to double-check the brand, but is HAS to be this brand. It’s more of a paste than a sausage. Although a sausage chorizo would work too, but it won’t blend with the eggs like this kind.

Anyway, make sure your pan is set to medium high. Anything higher than that and you’re going to have to wipe the grease off your ceiling. Trust me, even at medium high, you’re going to get splattered head to toe.


It’s not going to take more than a couple of minutes to break it up and cook it. And see, lots of grease. If the chorizo and the grease start to turn brown, you’re burning it, and the taste will be lost. Make sure you cook it evenly but making sure you don’t have any large chunks of chorizo intact. Once that’s done, you’re going to want to pour everything from the pan onto a plate layered with paper towels.


I do this to try and absorb as much as the excess grease as possible. A little is fine, but we’re trying to eat healthier, right? While this is soaking, I wash my pan. Guaranteed there’s going to be grease lining the bottom. And then I get my eggs and tortillas ready.


Grab a plate and again, line with paper towels. These are small tortillas but you can use any size. I actually like larger ones, but this was all we had. Place another paper towel on top and microwave them for a minute or two depending on the size.


Set your pan to high and grab your four eggs. I always add a splash of milk to help make it fluffy, but that’s just a personal preference. There’s really no need. Then stir it with a fork till it’s mixed. Place your chorizo in the hot pan first, and spread it evenly. Then immediately pour your eggs over it. Scramble as normal!


I usually top mine with a provolone cheese, but we had jalapeno which I actually liked better. This makes enough for two burritos. But I had to the small tortillas and had a little extra that I needed to eat with a fork.

You will never make plain eggs again. Swear.

Thanks for reading! -Dani

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