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Subtle Pink Eye and Lip, Just in Time for Spring.

Need a subtle makeup look? Check out this version in pink!

It’s nearly Spring! And we can officially wear pink!

I LOVE makeup. You can become any person you want to be with just a little swish of your mascara wand. Whether it’s beauty or special FX, you can create any look you want. And although it was 20 degrees out and the snow has yet to melt, I was feeling a pink look today.

Pink Makeup Collage 3.jpg

Pink is bold in its own right, without screaming, “Hey! Look at all the makeup I have on!”


Pink Makeup Collage 2
The shadows and the lipstick are both Lancome products!


For the Eye:

I used a pale white shadow to cover all of my eyelid. In the far corner and the crease, I used a rose shadow. Both were matte. The colors were blended. Under the brow and lined on the bottom of my eye was another matte white shadow and a peach glitter shadow (peach on me looks silver!) I used fiber mascara, foregoing falsies. Remember, we’re keeping it subtle. I have thick brows already and didn’t fill them in at all.

For the Lip:

I used a pink matte lipstick. Which looked fine on its own. However, it didn’t seem to like it would stay on for very long. So I took that peachy glitter eyeshadow and patted it onto the inside of my bottom and top lip. Normally I put highlighter on the cupid’s bow, but since I placed it on the lip instead, I left it alone.

For the Face:

I did minimal coverage. Basic foundation with a very light blush. No highlights on the cheek bone or contouring on my cheek. I did do a little contouring on my nose, but mine is monstrous and needs the definition!


Pink Makeup Collage
All products were Lancome except for the mascara!


I didn’t bother with a tutorial. But depending on how well this is received, I can always do one in the future!

Thanks for reading! – Dani

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