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Sultry Rose Eye and Lip for When You Go Out on a Romantic Spring Evening.

Need a romantic look for your Spring date? Check out this makeup look with a rose palette!

Yesterday I shared a pink spring look that you could utilize for work or brunch, and you can see that here. Today I wanted to stick with a pink palette and do a look you could use for your night out with the girls or a hot date.

Sultry Rose Makeup.jpg

Again, it’s bold without screaming you have a ton of makeup painted on your face. Also, the palette is neutral so you can use this look with any color or style of outfit.


I particularly love pink for my own skin tone. I’ve grown fond of this look for a first date or anytime I want to be romantic. And it’s sexy without looking like a siren.

Sultry Rose Collage

For the Eye:

I used a rose matte shadow and covered my entire lid. Then I used a black shadow for the crease which I applied carefully and lightly. For under the brow, I used a brown/champagne glitter shadow which blended the black shadow (use a fluffy blush so you don’t see much of the color). And then I used the same brown/champagne shadow in the corner of the eye. I reflected the black and rose shadow by lining it under my eye. I used a black pencil to make a long, thin wing. Fiber mascara instead of lashes softens the eye, although you can use falsies to make it more dramatic.

For the Lip:

I used a matte rose/wine lip crayon. It’s a Forever21 brand; nothing special. And the brown/champagne shadow I used for my eye? I patted it against my bottom lip and lined my cupid’s bow to give it that highlight.

For the Face:

I used your typical foundation and covered my entire face. I contoured my nose as usual. And added just a bit of brown contour under my cheeks. I used a beige blush instead of pink. I didn’t want to go overboard with the pink palette. Then the same brown/champagne I used for the highlight on my lip and eye, I used on my cheek bone and nose.

Sultry Rose Collage 2

What’s your go to Romantic look? Show me in the comments!

Thanks for reading! – Dani

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