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My Mother is Superior than Yours. Happy Mother’s Day!

Thanks Mom, I love you.

My mother didn’t have an easy childhood. But it allowed her to understand exactly just what kind of mother she wanted to be.

She’s loving.

There wasn’t a time in my life I wasn’t aware just how much she adored me and my siblings. We’re entirely too spoiled but it’s a trait most people find endearing (sarcasm). She drove us to school every single day. She drove us to work when we got jobs. She let us stay home so long as we were in enrolled at a university. She takes us on trips, out to fancy restaurants. There’s so much more but I’d just make the rest of you jealous.

Mom and I

She’s fiercely protective.

With how my marriage exploded and how vulnerable I am at times, it’s turned her into an emotional wreck. She has gone above and beyond what any normal mother would do to make sure I, and my doggy, are safe. We weren’t allowed at sleepovers because she didn’t trust other people to care for us. We weren’t allowed to ride on buses because she didn’t trust their driving. We weren’t allowed to leave the house by ourselves unless the oldest three were together. And you know what? We were never afraid, we were never uncomfortable, and we were never in reckless situations.

She adores my dog.

It sounds stupid to other people. I know the difference between a child and a dog. Mostly. She’s a red nose APBT and is a pain in the ass sometimes. But my mother turns into a giggly girl whenever she and Dolly are playing. If she spoils my dog, I can’t wait to see how she’ll treat my child.

Mom and I text

She gives good advice, even when we don’t want it.

I’m not going to expand on this. It’s something my siblings and I detest, even though it’s usually helpful. And listing it now would add to her already booming ego.

It’s always interesting to see how genetics play into a personality.

I have my father’s ability to love freely and unconditionally, but I have my mother’s cautiousness to make sure I only give it to a select few. And like my mother, I AM SO LOUD. Sometimes I don’t even know I’m loud until my family acts like they’re going deaf. I speak before I think, and although I have my father’s patience, I have my mother’s attitude. All qualities I love about myself.

And to my Honorary Godmother.

She listened and understood. She loves me like one of her own children. She loves me like a sister.

Mom and I 3

I love my mommy so much. And I will always want her in my life.

Thanks for reading – Dani

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