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A Rosemary Scented Saturday

I have suddenly become re-obsessed with growing my herbs.

It was something I learned to love last summer when my new room had massive windows to let in sunlight. Unfortunately, when I got knocked up and and mistakenly placed my plants outside the day before a snow storm (okay, it was in the 70s the day I set them out), I killed them all. So as soon as spring started to peak from behind the curtain, my mother and I set out to home-depot.

And we bought a shit load of plants and herbs.

I bought a few kinds of mint: Sweet, Mojito and Peppermint. And then I got Cilantro, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Basil, and of course Rosemary. I also purchased a couple of packets of seeds: Thyme, Chamomile, and Sage. Sage hasn’t sprouted yet, but the other two are already pushing through the soil.


Rosemary has always been one of my favorite plants to own, simply because I think it’s a cleansing plant; meaning it purifies the air and state of being. (THYME WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAVORITE TO GROW, SMELL AND COOK WITH)

My mother purchased a rosemary bush for her front stoop and I’ve been completely jealous of it ever since. I could always purchase one myself, but since I already had a small plant myself, I decided to do some research and see if I could clone it.

Clone is definitely the wrong word. I’m sure it’s propagate, or “grow from the cuttings” or something of that nature. But cloning sounds so much cooler!

My Rosemary plant was already growing a little taller than I wanted, and I would prefer if it would bush. So I thought I’d prune back a few of the stocks and use those cuttings to create a new plant.Rosemary 1

From what I’ve read and watched on youtube, it was important not to cut the stem where it’s brown. That’s a big no-no. You want to cut the stem where it’s green, because it has the ability to continue growing. You definitely don’t want to cut more than half way down the plant. Especially with one still as young as mine.

The soil I’m using is just ordinary indoor potting soil which I thought would work best as I’m going to be growing it indoors. I saw some articles about root growth stimulate and honey–using them to stimulate roots from the stem, but as I had neither I crossed my fingers and hoped they would take to the soil, even if it took months. It’s barely spring and it has plenty of time to grow.


I cut three stems of rosemary right at the growth of the leaves. And then I pulled off the first three bunches of leaves. I’m not quite sure why this is the case. But perhaps it opens the stem and triggers the plant to root.

I was in absolute heaven at this particular moment. I was pruning in my mother’s kitchen and working with this plant just filled the air with rosemary. It was completely relaxing.

rosemary 6I then took the three stems and then placed them equally apart from one another at the very edge of the pot. Again, I’m not sure why it’s done this way, but every tutorial did it like this so I thought, why not?

So then I had my cloned rosemary and my slightly smaller parent plant. I’m hoping the pruning will trigger additional growth in a bush like manner.

The cloned plant was watered and then misted. And then I placed a clear bag (not imaged) around the pot and placed it on top of my bookcase. I have a sky light near by so the pot won’t get direct light, but it will be in 12 hours of light on a daily basis. The bag will act as a greenhouse and hopefully keep it humid. I’ll have to mist it every day to keep this effect.

I also copied this process with my lavender. And in four to six weeks, hopefully there will be enough roots for me to transfer them into a bigger pot and allow them to grow and expand. Fingers crossed!

But after all that, I had rosemary leaves just sitting around and I felt guilty just tossing them away. So I checked the fridge and saw we had lemons! I harvested a couple of sprigs of my mother’s thyme bush which she’s growing with a sun LED in her kitchen. I boiled a small pot of water and tossed everything in.

simmering .jpg

I saw quickly I had way too much water, so I quickly dumped out most of it and simmered everything on the lowest heat. So as I prepared the blog, I was surrounded by the aroma of lemon and herb. Again, terribly relaxing.

And that’s how I spent my Saturday. Has anybody had success with propagating a plant like rosemary? Let me know your mistakes and successes!

Read how well the cuttings are doing after their first week here.

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