Today I Heard my Child’s Heartbeat

I’ve been waiting for this day for weeks.

Ever since my ten week check up, I’ve been counting the days off on my calendar for my 15 week appointment. In my first appointment, I was able to see it’s heartbeat. I also got to witness it waving it’s little arms and legs around as if it was dancing to the YMCA. My next visit, the baby must have been sleeping for it hardly moved. But the heart was pumping visibly.


Today, when my doctor finally sat across from me, she assured me everything was normal. My urine, blood pressure and weight all looked great (although I did gain three pounds since my last visit). All my first trimester symptoms were textbook and so far, it seemed my second trimester symptoms were following the same path.

And then she told me lie back. 

I didn’t have to unbutton my pants because they haven’t fit in about two weeks. The only thing keeping them up was a camisole. She squirted some gel on my stomach and pushed really hard on the little, but solid bump.

She warned me that it was possible we wouldn’t hear a heartbeat. It was still very early. And depending on the baby’s position and attitude, it might not happen. But the moment she placed the scanner on my stomach, the heartbeat was clear as day.

I’ve been saying this since the day I found out I was pregnant. This is one strong baby. This baby already has such a passion to experience life.

I looked at my mother, who was in the room with me, and laughed. My child, again, was making sure I knew it existed. But when I laughed, the doctor lost the heartbeat. So she pressed and rubbed and quickly brought it back. But then she informed me the baby kept moving and wriggling around. I remembered my first ultrasound, seeing the little arms wave around and burst out laughing again.

I cannot wait to meet this person. I’m so interested to learn their personality. Will they be quiet and thoughtful like their father? Or loud and obnoxious like their mother? Are they going to crave the water and be a swimmer? Or yearn to understand the language of music and pick up a brass instrument (I swear, if you’re reading this, my child, sometime in the future, if you pickup a damn clarinet I will disown you)?

In three weeks I will have my anatomy ultrasound. And we might be able to see the sex of the baby! I’ve decided I wanted to be surprised at a gender reveal party, and my mother is more than excited to agree. Plus, she gets to hold the envelope with the sex information and learn what I’m having before everybody else.

Life’s about to get good.

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