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Rosemary and Lavender Cuttings After One Week of Green House Growing

Just a week after I created my cuttings, I'm amazed at how well they're doing. Plus, an update on a few of my other plants.

Rosemary is one of my favorite plants to have in abundance. It smells great and keeps the air in my room fresh (along with the rest of my herbs). And I’ve learned I feel the same way about my lavender plant. Instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money on additional pots and already grown plants, I decided to make cuttings of my own.

I took my time with the research, read and watched from multiple resources. And then I risked killing both my plants by taking multiple cuttings of each and planting them. You can read my process here.

One week has passed and I’m amazed at how well they’re doing. I used regular indoor potting soil for both of them. For the greenhouse effect, I used sealed zip block bags and misted the cuttings daily. They were in indirect sunlight for twelve hours a day.

cuttings 1

Rosemary is doing an excellent job creating new growth. I’m hopeful they’ve already rooted, but I don’t want to disturb them too much by flipping them over to look through the drainage holes. The new growth has began to sprout at the base of the cutting, and they’ve each grown taller as well.


I took more cuttings of Lavender than the Rosemary simply because my lavender plant is very mature and could handle the pruning. And it also didn’t seem to grow as quickly as my young rosemary plant. Two cuttings have seemed to grow extremely well which makes me think they’ve begun to root. I don’t see new growth at the base, but I don’t expect to. On my mature lavender, the growths seem to come out of the brown bark like stems and these babies are no where near that kind of age. The other three have grown in height but not to the extent of the other two which make me think I did a poor job of giving them equal amount of light. Or the cuttings were just much smaller than the other two to begin with.cuttings 2

I’ll give each pot of cuttings another three to five weeks of greenhouse growing. Once I’m sure their roots are solid and healthy, I’ll move them to direct sunlight, remove the bags, and let them grow for another few weeks. Depending on how well they take and how big they’ve gotten, I’ll re-pot them into bigger pots. I’m most nervous about that! Trying to separate the roots seems like a gentle task and gentle is something I’m not. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there!

As mentioned in my last update, I had planted a bunch of seeds. Sage had yet to sprout. But guess what! It’s doing the best of the three!


Sage has begun to sprout as if the world was ending tomorrow and it was craving the last bit of sunlight. Thyme has begun to spread and I can’t wait for the fragrance to set in. Chamomile has more sprouts than it did before, but it hasn’t grown much more in the last week.

I’m crazy excited about my lavender; it’s begun to bud! And I did something wild–I bought a flower. A Jasmine plant to be precise. It had two flowers on it when I bought it, but on the walk home, my ungentle self shook them off. I didn’t realize they were so fragile. But I have two buds all ready to bloom and a few more wanting to grow in. The flowers were so fragrant! I’ve never had the pleasure of taking care of Jasmine before so I’m hoping I can get a lot of flowers to bloom!

buds 1

This particular Jasmine is called the “Belle of India”. From what I’ve read, it requires good drainage, no over watering, and full sun. BUT, there or so many sites that say different things. One says “Belle of India” can’t be grow indoors at all. So I guess we’ll just wait and see with what works.

Lastly, my Lemon Balm has gotten out of control. It has completely bushed. I haven’t pruned it once and it has dozens of growths ready to go. I’ll have to re-pot it next week (hopefully the weather permits because I don’t garden inside). I’m a little nervous because my window ledge is not very wide. So I’m thinking I’ll have to go with a cylinder shaped pot, that way the roots have the ability to continue growing. I haven’t read up much on Lemon Balm, but stayed tuned next week for that adventure!



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