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Light City Baltimore 2018

Need something fun to do with your family? Check out Light City down at the harbor!

This is the third year Light City has transformed the Baltimore Inner Harbor into a neon amusement park. I’m in my late twenties and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my weekend, besides spending all evening pruning my herbs. And nothing brings the city closer together than a cool evening, food, neon lights, and booze (although being pregnant, I couldn’t enjoy that last part).


The first night was April 14th and the evening was warm and inviting. So naturally, every Baltimore citizen decided to come check it out. The Harbor was so packed, you couldn’t take one step in front of you. My family, neighbor and myself tried our hardest to make it through it, but for me at least, it was a little too overwhelming. So my neighbor and I decided to go back on a chilly weeknight.

So we headed out Monday night. 


We didn’t see the entirety of it, but what we did see and experience was enough. From light up balloons, to a massive ghost whale, to a whimsical bike ride, we had more fun than any child half our age could image. We laughed constantly. So much my cheeks hurt and my pregnant bladder squirmed in protest.

Down below is a short video of our two hour trek through the harbor. Hope you enjoy it and check it out for yourself!



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